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neuro-ELT and Language Learning Strategies (Junko Omotedani)

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neuro-ELT and Language Learning Strategies (Junko Omotedani)


Junko Omotedani

Junko Omotedani
Hi all,

My presentation was about how to use implications from neuroscience as a tool to enhance language learning strategies. One of the implications I used is " Constructive Episodic Simulation Hypothesis" by Daniel Schacter.
I've watched his YouTube video on Constructive Episodic Simulation Hypothesis so many times. It's an hour long video and there are many terminology but as I watched and listened to it over times, I got the ideas on how to implement this hypothesis into my classroom! It is a strong tool to explain the benefit of reflection, self- and peer-to-peer evaluation/feedback.

I also love Amy Cuddy's speech: Your body language shapes who you are. 
It's so inspiring! 

It'll be great if you could let me know your comment, ideas, your favorite YouTube videos, and how you use those ideas in your classroom. Let's share and enjoy teaching more :-)
Cause we are in LOVE!



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