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2. “Intelligence” is overrated

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12. “Intelligence” is overrated Empty 2. “Intelligence” is overrated on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:33 pm


2. “Intelligence” is overrated
Gardner (1983) began a revolution regarding what intelligence is, and questioned if it can actually be represented by a single IQ number (or G-factor). Whether his Multiple Intelligences theory is correct is irrelevant —with Fischer’s Dynamic Skill Theory (1980), it becomes obvious that although humans can display optimal levels of cognition that can be tested for, we usually only perform at our functional levels. This means that intelligence tests that are not conducted in optimal contexts can provide only dubious results. In fact, it is highly questionable if there can be a standardized system for testing intelligence, because intelligence is domain specific, therefore, it is much too elusive for standardized testing formats. This flows into the next maxim.

Q. How has the IQ test influenced your thinking regarding intelligence? What do you think about it now?


22. “Intelligence” is overrated Empty Re: 2. “Intelligence” is overrated on Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:56 am


I think the IQ test can be a marker for how much a student knows, but I find that the smart students tend not to push themselves because they think they know everything. The rest of my students work hard and I try to encourage them without giving them false hope. Kids get enough of "I'm the best in the world from their parents and others. I will not be one of those teachers that drink that Kool Aid. 

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