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25. "Assess" in three ways.

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125. "Assess" in three ways.  Empty 25. "Assess" in three ways. on Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:12 pm


25. "Assess" in three ways.

This is the Trinity of Assessment: (1) Self-Assessment, (2), Peer-to-peer Assessment, and (3) Teacher-student Assessment. Most teachers employ at least one of these assessment styles, but rarely are all three employed within a single module of learning. Why is the Trinity of Assessment so important? Self-Assessment forces students to self-reflect; it causes meta-cognition to happen. Although some students may be conscious of their actions, not all students actually do this, and certainly not all do it in a uniform or predictable way. Simply allowing students to rate their work on a 1-5 scale after each completed section will do wonders for motivation and alignment. The next step is to also allow for peer-to-peer assessment. When students are given time for a PoU (Performance of Understanding), other students should have self-designed criteria to assess the performances. With each successive PoU, students learn to want to do better at designing assessment criteria and with their own performances. With all this good assessment going on (while teachers seem more like facilitators), it may seem that teacher assessment may not even been needed. Indeed, in some cases, teacher assessment can be minimalized -- but should not entirely dismissed. Students still need the occasional scoring from the teacher to keep them aligned and build confidence that they are on the right path. A little bit of advice from teachers can go a long way.

Q. Which of the trinity do you most often implement in your classrooms?
Why is that? Think of ways to implement the trinity!


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