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42. Teach for the "DATC"

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142. Teach for the "DATC" Empty 42. Teach for the "DATC" on Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:26 pm


42. Teach for the "DATC"

Teach for the DATC. DATC is an acronym for Dynamic Area of Total Convergence. While teaching language, make sure to cover all three aspects: (1) Socio-cultural, (2) Linguistic, and (3) Non-verbal (feelings). The convergence point (DATC), where all three aspects overlap, is where the strongest and most potent language learning occurs. There are several slides below. Take a moment to understand them all.

Q. What are they three areas that must converge to produce a healthy DATC? Why would this be important? Do you already do this? Which circle is the smallest (gets least coverage) in your classrooms? What can you do to make it more balanced for your students?



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