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Hello from Curtis Kelly

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1Hello from Curtis Kelly Empty Hello from Curtis Kelly on Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:22 pm


Hi Y'all,

I am Curtis Kelly, the course leader for the month of August.  I am also one of the FAB Flounders (Well, "Founders," but that sounds more impressive than I deserve).  In fact, if we boil it down even more, Robert might be the Big Daddy, but I am Gramps.   I was presenting at JALT on brain science since 2007 or so, before any of the other Flounders. At a conference in Kitakyushu, I presented on the factors of learning and afterwards met Robert. We hit it off right away.  I thought, "This guy is the real deal!"  We spent a couple hours in an empty Riga Royal room talking about neuroscience and the needs of Japan.  I think that was the moment that FAB started (though Robert probably has a different moment).  I'm just sorry that I made him do most of the work, but hey, I am Gramps.

My main areas of interest in neuroscience are:

- the neuroscience of learning, especially in relation to dopamine

- how memory works and Schacter's constructive episodic simulation 

- neuroplasticity

- development of executive functions in children

- motivation

- how stress aids and hinders learning

I have published some books and do a lot of presenting.  I have 30 or so books with the big one being Cambridge's Writing from Within series.  The presenting is almost only on neuroscience these days, and I have about 350 presentations under my belt.  I am a Professor at Kansai University, a FAB executive and the coordinator of the JALT BRAIN SIG.  But before you think too highly of me, talk to my wife.  She'll let you know I sit around in frayed underwear playing computer games.

After teaching unmotivated students for twenty years, I realized my mission in life is to the relieve the suffering of the classroom.  Studying psychology and neuroscience is a start.

My five (3 true) things:

1) I had an FM radio show in Kyoto for year, and cable TV show in Takatsuki for few years.

2) I met my wife in a bar when I kind of passed out on her, well, on her jacket.

3) I once chased a robber through Waikiki, wielding nunchako sticks.

4) As a child in Disneyland, I ran into the character Daffy Duck and went berserk.  My family was asked to leave the park until I recovered.

5) One of my ancestors, PT Barnum, was talking about my family when he said "A fool is born every minute."

2Hello from Curtis Kelly Empty Re: Hello from Curtis Kelly on Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:23 pm


Hey Gramps!

Even I don't know which of those are true! That's a great list.

Well, I'm guessing three and four are incorrect.


3Hello from Curtis Kelly Empty Re: Hello from Curtis Kelly on Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:32 pm


Number 4 sounds suspiciously like something Elizabeth Loftus might have planted in your memory...

4Hello from Curtis Kelly Empty the lie on Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:09 am


It was #2.

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